Project Management Services

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A local, dedicated ExploreLearning Project Manager helps you take your Gizmos implementation further faster with on-call professional development delivery, coaching, and ongoing support.

Your Project Manager works with the district to create an Implementation Plan. This plan will identify opportunities for teachers to develop product confidence through introductory workshops, as well as build knowledge and skills with higher-level workshops targeting math and science concepts.

"We've had a project manager here in Miami-Dade who's been with us pretty much from the get-go, and he has been fabulous. He provides training at our central district training centers. He goes out and helps teachers at individual schools, and provides training there. He also gives data reports every month so that we can see what the usage looks like at each of our schools."

Assistant Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FL

Get the data to show it works

Your Project Manager works with district and school administrators to evaluate multiple measures of data, makes recommendations on product integration, and will work with you to adjust your Implementation Plan as needed.

"ExploreLearning has been thought partners around incorporating Gizmos into our 5E model. And as we train teachers we're finding more and more ways to utilize Gizmos in the classroom, especially around the science and engineering practices of NGSS."

Director for K-12 STEM Education, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL